Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Obesity Affects Your Skin

1. Acanthosis nigricans

A body that carries an excessive plenty of fat undergoes changes in hormone levels. At these times, darkened, velvety patches known as acanthosis nigricans can form, in areas where pores and skin folds and overlaps just like the knees especially, elbows, groin, armpits, and throat. Patches might appear gray, brown, or dark. Weight loss can enhance the look of acanthosis nigricans.

2. Intertrigo or jock itch

Folds and creases in the skin may trap moisture also, that can provide places on your body to become breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Rashes like intertrigo or jock itch can result, with breaks and redness in your skin that can ooze, grow itchy, or make a person even more prone to yeast infection.

3. Corns

Corns are mainly located on the feet, particularly the toes. However, corns can show up anywhere that foot friction takes place, whether it is on top of the foot and actually on the sole.

4. Effects on skin barrier function

Obesity increases water loss over the skin to an excellent extent. In morbidly obese patients skin is significantly dry and skin repair after wounds is impaired.

5. Sebaceous glands and sebum production

Sebum plays a major role in acne advancement. It really is an oily substance that’s produced to keep the epidermis moisturized and supple. Pimples occur when the sebaceous channels are infected and blocked. Acne is exacerbated by obesity-associated disorders clearly.

6. Acrochordons

These are soft brown papules or growths seen commonly on the throat and in the armpits and groin. They are seen in collaboration with acanthosis nigricans frequently

(Source: Dr. Louis Maruoka, naturallycurvy)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

19 Pounds Lost in 90 Days!

Preggy look no more!

19.4 pounds lost in 90 days without strenuous exercise and without struggling diet. 

How? Despite a very challenging work schedule, she just followed a proven, simple and effective approach to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Good Health Comes From Good Habits

What's the point of losing weight if you can't keep your results?

We've all had that unfortunate story. We've heard it one time and again: 'I cut down my target pounds but I'm back all the way here!' A year back, a friend of yours declares that he will take on the big numbers on the weight scale. He diets until his daily meals consist of an almost empty plate and he exercises thrice, twice, or maybe once a day to get the burning going.

But a year or so later, you see him personally, exchange some greetings, and notice instantly that he's still carrying the same numbers he vowed to burn down.

So what's the real problem here?

The straight answer is: it can be anything. It depends on the person. You ask him this: 'So about your dieting and exercising, what happened to it?' And he'll probably say something along the lines of: 'I'm just not up to it anymore. It's cluttering up my schedule. I've been stressed out lately and I can't focus. I got and then I lost it, long story short.'

Look closely. The answer varies per person but what's the one common thing that's missing?


And not just commitment. We're talking about the commitment that runs on discipline and dedication. Losing weight, trying to change a part of you to become something healthier, is a commitment to work for yourself.  Losing weight isn't just about achieving a result. It's about changing a habit. And what's one thing that sticks most towards our life? That's right, our habits, our routines, our own cycles.

Start thinking for the long-run.

Nearly everyone we meet today wants fast results: fat-burning pills, hardcore diets, rigorous exercise plans, etc... They get their results, and they lose it just as fast as they got it.

Why is that? 

Because short-term solutions are not the best answers to long-term problems. You can't change a habit, something that follows you for years, with fat-burning drugs and intense dieting and exercising which are things that you would do until you get your results. You have to think ahead if you really want to improve your figure and your health.

You can change.

Eating a lot? That can be a habit, if it isn't already. Eating too little? That can be a habit too. What about eating healthily? Yes, anyone can commit to that habit if they work hard. What matters is changing the one thing that stays with you for years

Forget about fast solutions and quick results, 
Health and fitness should be about changing your lifestyle and becoming healthy, and not just about losing weight.

You can start at any time, but the best time, is now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy to be healthy and young!

Over the years, Clifford just keeps looking younger and healthier!

May you enjoy more years of happiness, good health and prosperity!

Live young, live healthy!

No maintenance meds at 62!

Over the years, Mommy Violy didn't just become fit but she has become even more younger looking and energetic! That is why she loves sharing how the program transformed her.

I know she will live more longer years, not only just living long, but also truly living young, healthy, and fit!

True health is in long-term results

It's easy to lose the extra pounds but to keep it off and then look even better over the years, is a different story 
Here are just some of the things that Stev experienced after the 90-day program:
1. Bulging tummy gone 
2. No longer constipated
3. Cysts now gone.
4. She also said goodbye to painful and irregular menstruation,
5. Gastritis gone.
Amazing! More than the physical aspect you will get after becoming fit, it is your health and wellness that truly matters

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Real success is in the details!

90 days of no strenuous exercise and stressful dieting. 

Result? Ease, peace of mind and joy!

"Until now I still can't believe this happened to me. I am so thankful I found Spartan Transformation. Everyone starts noticing the changes in me.  Thanks.. to all the coaches who have shared their experiences and guidance to achieve this success.  Happy to have started the healthy living. This is so amazing!!!"
— Raymund