Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Do you want to feel better, fitter and healthier?

Of course you do! More than the outside appearance, you don't look stressed, you become more energetic and productive. 

Being healthy will not just improve your body, it will also give you the drive to do various tasks. 

Looking back, Jovy couldn't help but be grateful that she enrolled in the program, aside from slimming down, she's healthier inside and looking way much younger.

You too can change. You too can transform. Let us begin your journey. Feel free to send a message to know how.

No need to undergo surgical procedures just to achieve a slimmer face!

Rosy simply took the right action and enrolled in the program. After getting back in shape, she didn't just become fitter, she also look younger and prettier. 

One benefit of becoming healthy is the potential of increased happiness. 

So if you want to live a happier life, be fit and stay youthful inside and out!

Batch 37 is now open. Let us begin your awesome transformation.

Protect yourself from various diseases!

Not yet done in the program and yet already very satisfied with her result!

Nel achieved this without strenuous exercise and diet. What is also amazing is, despite the fact that her work is very stressful, she was able to slim down and get fit. 

Do you know that when you are healthy you also help protect yourself from various diseases? 

So why wait when you already have diseases before taking action? 

Take action NOW. Extend your life and your youth!

Want to gain back your self-confidence?

Being fit definitely has a lot of benefits and one of those is self-confidence. Aside from preventing chronic diseases to occur, you become more inspired to live a better life. 

The best part is, you don't have to do strenuous exercises and diet. Just like Melanie here, aside from doing the program abroad, she was able to achieve her goal with only minimal supervision. Now, she doesn't look better and younger but also more confident about herself.

Batch 47 is now open. Feel free to send a message to know how you can begin. 

You too can change. Take action.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

You can change.

No strenuous exercise and diet yet she slimmed down.

Are you doing the right approach to get back in shape?

How do you really know? 

Real success is in the results. It will show in the shape of your body, your eating habits and most especially in your measurements. 

Here is Annie's 90 day result.
Amazing how she slimmed down despite attending a lot of family gatherings and enrolling during the holiday season. 

According to her, one of the things she really like in the program is learning how to choose food wisely anywhere she goes. She didn't feel deprive of food at all.

"So here's what I have been doing in the past 90 days...
1. Lose weight
2. Learn to have a healthy lifestyle

Not only that I lost 18.04 lbs, but I also lost 4 levels of visceral fat, 6.5 cm off my tummy and 8.5 off my hips. And wrist watch strap reduced by 2! And all of this is WITHOUT excessive exercise! And I wonder how much can I lose in the next coming months.

All of this is because I decided to enroll in the Spartan Transformation Program. A decision that I would never regret! Proudly saying, I am a Spartan Graduate of batch 42!" ~ Annie Dadios

Batch 46 is now open. You can choose to stay where you are or choose to be better. 


It is ultimately about you taking care of your health and well-being

When Joemar made a decision to be healthy, he didn't just become better and fitter but also younger.

"It's not just about "pagpapapayat" it's more on being concerned about your health, this is the result when you remove those fats (viceral fat or killer fat, google it to know how this affects us) in your body without any operations/liposuctions, in
other words bonus nlang ung pagpayat mo, while you are enjoying eating your healthy foods and your body will be in good shape at the same time"~Joemar Sarmiento

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